Claire Fuller

Finance & Operations Director, Cobham

Your Davies Property Partners Story

I joined Davies Property Partners on Valentine’s Day 2020, it must be love! I started out doing part time freelance work to help out with the client account bookkeeping and then stepped in to the full time Finance Manager role when our Finance Director retired at the end of September. Though you could say that with a father having worked in corporate estate agency for 30 years - and then founding the company in 2002 - that property and estate agency is in my blood! When our father retired in March 2021 my brother Gareth took over the reins of Managing Director and my role was formalised as Finance & Operations Director. It’s an absolute privilege to be in the family firm, having been adjacent to it for so long. We have a great team of people who are utterly client-centric and focussed on achieving the best for our customers, and I treasure working alongside each and every one of them.

I enjoy the wide range of people I deal with in my day-to-day work; my colleagues, our clients and our suppliers. I’m passionate about customer service and for me my customers tend to be my colleagues, I enjoy building relationships with them and giving them the tools they need to thrive.

Tell us about you outside of work

I’m married to Ed, a New Zealander who is sports mad with a specific focus on cricket. We met when we both worked in the music industry so - when we can - we spend our free time at gigs and sports events. I leave the 5-day test matches to him but am partial to a bit of Twenty20 if the sun’s out and the bar is open! I’m lucky to be very close with my family and see them as much as possible – in and outside of work. Ed and I don’t have children ourselves but I’m a dedicated auntie. We’re social people and enjoy entertaining…and being entertained.

Favourite bit of the house

I’m a total neat freak, and get a lot of satisfaction from keeping a nice home. I dream about utility rooms, pantries/larders and a neatly organised airing/linen cupboard.

Fun fact

As a child I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ringo Starr, he was introduced as the man that read Thomas the Tank Engine. On reflection that wouldn’t be the first thing I used to describe him/his career.


Ooof, hard question, my music taste is pretty eclectic/random and depends on my mood, the weather, the day of the week etc. I really like an American band called Clutch who do a bluesy rock, I hugely enjoyed the britpop/Cool Britannia era in the 90s and I love a bit of Motown.

Three items you would take to a desert island

Ed Fuller, Bear Grylls, A magic lamp

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