Beat the competition

Beat the competition

The ‘January jump’ is as real as the ’spring bounce’

January is generally a slow month. It’s dark, it’s cold and people are just getting back into the swing of work (if they aren’t skiing in the alps, that is). And this is exactly what makes January a GREAT month for selling a property.

Spring has traditionally been regarded as the peak time for property sales – and it’s true. The term ‘spring bounce’ doesn’t exist for no reason.

But January isn’t far off. So, with that in mind, here are three reasons to put your home on the market this winter.

1. Back to the grindstone

Jokes about skiing aside, the fact is that after a couple of weeks off work in December, most people are back at work and raring to go. And not just buyers, but those who represent the machinery behind selling a property such as solicitors, surveyors and, of course, estate agents. If there’s a spring bounce, then there’s certainly a January jump – so capitalise on this renewed energy and put your property on the market whilst it’s there.

2. Turing over a new leaf

Ever heard of new leaf syndrome? A bit like the inevitable New Year’s resolution, it’s when buyers and sellers who may have put off a move for some time – and 2023 saw many people sit on their hands due to poor economic factors – decide that the New Year is time for a new leaf (or, in the context of property, a new move). At the beginning of the year, people are ready for change. So, before this energy and enthusiasm wanes as the year progresses, our recommendation is to tap into it sooner rather than later.

3. Supply vs demand

We’re proud of our honest approach to estate agency, so we’ll be honest by saying that 2023 was difficult for the property market. Economic uncertainty saw those who wanted to move put it on the back burner until the waters became less choppy. The result? Less properties on the market.

However, those waters are already becoming less choppy as mortgage rates and inflation continue to fall in 2024. Whilst stock is still relatively low compared to this time in 2023 and 2022, demand is still very high. Placing your property on the market now, whilst choice is restricted, is a good way of getting your property in front of a very eager audience before more properties flood the market.

Read any news outlet and you’ll (finally) be met with a selection of positive stories that point towards 2024 being a much easier year for homeowners.

As a Surrey estate agency that’s experienced many of the property market’s ups and downs since we first opened our doors in 2002, we can see that better times are ahead this year. Our advice for those thinking of selling their home? Get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

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